These Various Causes of Mother Feeling Pain When Breastfeeding

I just want to give up when the pain arises every time you feed your baby? Don't worry, I'm not alone. There are many other mothers, especially new mothers, who also feel sick when giving breastfeeding. However, after knowing the causes and ways to overcome them, the mother can re-breastfeed your baby more comfortably. Breastfeeding is natural. However, it turns out there are many obstacles that you may experience during the early period of breastfeeding. Take it easy, this does not necessarily make you a bad mother. Source of Pain When Breastfeeding Some women are not immediately able to breastfeed smoothly, especially in the first week after giving birth. This pain in the breast will usually be felt when breast milk comes out of the nipple. If you are one of them, don't give up yet, ma'am. There are several things that usually cause pain when breastfeeding, including: Breast swelling You don't need to worry. Breast swelling is common in early breastfeedi
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